Sunday, April 30, 2017

Omer 2017 Day 20: Compassion

Day 20: Yesod in Tiferet, Connection in Compassion
Compassion by Lucinda Williams

Have compassion for everyone you meet
Even if they don't want it
What seems conceit is always a sign
You do not know
What wars are going on
Down there where the spirit meets the bone

People need compassion in difficult times. Williams reminds us that, while you may expect gratitude for showing compassion to someone who is grieving or dealing with the impact of a horrible event, you might not get it. You may instead receive a cold response or seeming rejection of your sympathy, but part of having compassion is giving it without the need for reciprocation. We can't know what a person is struggling with that may keep them from "properly" responding to our comforting remarks, but that doesn't mean that our compassion goes unnoticed or that that connection won't be a source of strength for the person later when they are better able to process it.