Useful Links

The internet is full of useful (and not-so-useful) information about Judaism. Here are some of my favorite sites.

Resources about Conversion

Religious Knowledge
Jewish News and Culture
  • ADL - part of being a Jew is standing up to anti-Semitism, so keep up-to-date on the hate with the ADL.
  • JTA covers national and international news.
  • Lilith Magazine is Jewish feminism at its best.
  • Mosaic Magazine's monthly essays and response pieces provide in-depth analysis of issues in Jewish life and culture.
  • Sh'ma Journal is organized by topic with articles on just about everything.
  • Tablet offers a mix of articles on everything from religion and holidays to culture and current events, though I find their political op-eds to be a little sensationalist. 
Do you think I missed something good? Add your favorite Jewish sites to my list in the comments below!