When did you first start become interested in Judaism? 
I started learning more about Judaism and attending services at the small synagogue in my college town in the spring of 2009 during my junior year of college. I had considered myself agnostic since about 2002, but started exploring my feelings about God and religion again in college. I tried out a number of different Protestant denominations before finally building up the courage to try Judaism. Thankfully, I was able to turn to Marc (now my husband), some of my college professors, and a handful of wonderful rabbis and friends along the way whenever I had questions about religious customs, cultural traditions, or Hebrew.

When did you officially convert? 

I converted on April 8, 2011, after two years of personal learning and nearly eight months of official study with a rabbi. I still celebrate my "conversary" on April 8 every year.

In what religion were you raised? 

Lutheranism, specifically the Missouri Synod.

Did you convert for your husband? 

No, I converted for myself.

What is your favorite part of Israel? 

No one seems satisfied when I say, "All of it," so if pressed, I would have to say Jerusalem. It is the most beautiful city I have ever seen and the sense of feeling "at home" that I felt throughout all of Israel was the strongest in Jerusalem. That said, the Golan Heights up north and the desert in the south are both incredibly moving in different ways, Tzfat is gorgeous (and blue is my favorite color), and Tel Aviv has an amazing skyline.

Why did you create a blog? 

This blog is an extension of the journal I had to keep during my conversion process. Here, I reflect on my Judaism, comment on current events in the Jewish world, build my Jewish identity, and hopefully help others do the same.

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