Saturday, March 30, 2013

Count the Omer: Days 4 & 5

In light of Shabbat, today will be a double post to cover yesterday, day 4 of the Omer, and day 5.

Day 4: Netzach sheb'Chesed, Ambition within Loving-kindness
Have you ever been so focused on getting something done that you inadvertently blew off a friend or coworker? Day 4 of the Omer is all about balancing your ambition with kindness. Don't lose sight of your relationships on your way to the top.

Day 5: Hod sheb'Chesed, Gratitude/Majesty within Loving-kindness
Tonight, we say goodbye to Shabbat and re-enter the regular week. After a stressful week of work and other activities to be inevitably followed by another stressful week, I am grateful for the restfulness of Shabbat. Abraham Joshua Heschel said, "The Sabbath must all be spent 'in charm, peace, and great love...'"

My Shabbat Table
On a typical Friday night, I light the candles and recite the blessing while my husband, an excellent cook, finishes dinner. We sing Shalom Aleichem or Lecha Dodi depending on our moods, bless the wine, wash our hands with our wash cup from Jerusalem, and say ha-motzi to bless the challah (this week we blessed the matzah for Passover). We eat, we talk, we enjoy the freedom from obligation that comes with Shabbat.

I love Friday nights. My goal is to carry the majesty and love of Shabbat into the week with me. Shavua tov!