Saturday, April 22, 2017

Omer 2017 Day 12: The Way I Talk

Day 12: Hod in Gevurah, Glory/Humility in Strength
The Way I Talk by Morgan Wallen

Got some words you've never heard
'Less you come from down yonder
The Man upstairs gets it
So I ain't tryna fix it
No I can't hide it
I don't fight it, I just roll with it

Sometimes, the way we talk, how we look, or where we come from are sources of strength; we show off our roots with pride and find comfort in the familiarity of an accent or a place.

But other times, we try to hide the things that make us different out of shame or a desire to fit in. For the first two years after I left Chicago, I clung to "pop" despite laughs and quizzical stares from my Southern and East Coast friends, but nowadays if you come to my house, I will offer you a soda.

The Way I Talk recognizes this dichotomy. Wallen admits that "some people make fun of" his accent and the Southern phrases he uses, but he chooses to embrace his speech as a part of himself and his heritage that has value.