Friday, May 27, 2016

Omer 2016 Day 35: Bathsheba

Day 35: Malchut in Hod, Leadership in Glory

When David was on his deathbed, his son Adonijah declared himself to be the next king and started shoring up political support. This (rightfully so) deeply concerned Bathsheba, because her son Solomon was supposed to be the next king. She didn't let the issue slide, but stepped up immediately and went to David to secure the throne for Solomon. She said to David:
"My lord, you yourself swore to your maidservant by the Lord your God: 'Your son Solomon shall succeed me as king, and he shall sit upon my throne.' Yet now Adonijah has become king, and you, my lord the king, know nothing about it. He has prepared a sacrificial feast of a great many oxen, fatlings, and sheep, and he has invited all the king's sons and Abiathar the priest and Joab commander of the army; but he has not invited your servant Solomon. And so the eyes of all Israel are upon you, O lord king, to tell them who shall succeed my lord the king on the throne. Otherwise, when my lord the king lies down with his fathers, my son Solomon and I will be regarded as traitors." (1 Kings 1:17-21)
Bathesheba not only acts like a leader, but reminds King David what it means for him to be a leader as well.