Monday, April 20, 2015

Count the Omer 2015: Day 16

Day 16: Gevurah within Tiferet, Strength within Integration
I am currently in graduate school getting a Masters degree in Experiential Education & Jewish Cultural Arts (EEJCA). Read more about my experiences in the program here and here. EEJCA is basically informal Jewish education or any educational experience/opportunity outside of the classroom. It is a combination of Museum Education and Jewish cultural studies and is based on the premise that a cross-disciplinary education will build stronger leaders in the field of Jewish education. So far, I have to agree.

Why am I talking up my program? Well, today is about strength within integration and I think the EEJCA is a great example of how the integration of two disciplines can make them both stronger.

EEJCA is currently accepting applications for the second cohort and, in honor of the Omer and strength within integration, I think you should consider applying.