Thursday, April 11, 2013

Count the Omer: Day 17

Tiferet sheb'Tiferet, Harmony within Harmony
When I am surrounded by other stressed out people, it stresses me out, and when I am surrounded by calm people, it calms me down. Since there seems to be a lack of calm people to surround myself with right now, I have to start with me and hope that I can be a harmonious influence in someone else's life. I am working hard to develop some more tiferet in my life and I am already seeing results! Even though my work load hasn't changed (it may have even increased slightly this week), I feel more in control now that I have built in a balance of work time vs. me time. When I am calm and collected, I can look at things more positively and see solutions where before I only saw problems. Now, instead of radiating stress, I exude calmness and harmony (or try to).